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About us

We are a young team of the company VK WEB UG, with deep knowledge and experience in areas of Web Development and Digital Analytics. With the enthusiasm of improvements and innovations it is our passion to make new technologies in workday to advantage. To be state-of-the-art is therefore our motivation, which we gladly share with our customers.

We currently offer the following services:


Our Team – Worldwide

Many years of experience and good worldwide network, this basis gives us, as one of the few agencies, opportunity to provide particularly quickly the necessary amount of resources for your project. Thanks to our network, we are working from the first steps on international and organize our work with developers from around the world. Quality assurance is, however, carried out according to the standards, which have been elaborated in Germany. The success of your project remains thereby not dependent on any coincidence.

Transparent project management

Transparency in project management is the key to any successful business venture. The success is thereby not an accident but the result of a detailed and joint planning, in which each member of the chain has internalized the tasks.

Agile Software Development

Atlassian JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket and Bamboo CI are among the daily used tools of our project managers and developers. With the aim to make the success at a predictable object, we use the latest technologies to make the process as much as possible to automate without any track to lose.

Prototyping Development

Prototyping Development allowed to see the first results and to get early feedback in a relatively short time. Especially when the result has yet to be formed during the development and the integration starts only with a simple idea, we will support you.

Our Services - Web Development

The field of Web Development expands almost daily with new technologies, frameworks or CMS systems. It is therefore particularly important for us to expand our portfolio continuously, but without losing the focus from our core competencies.

Backend Development

Development in Node.js and PHP, with frameworks like Zend Framework, cakePHP, Symfony or MEAN.js, Koa.js, express.js. Integration of git-flow Workflows and Continuous integration.

CMS systems

Creation of templates and themes using the Photoshop templates as well as Extension- and Widgets Development for CMS systems like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal or MEAN.io, Meteor, Keystone.js.

Frontend Development

Support in UI / UX Development with jQuery, Mootools, AngularJS and jQuery Mobile, as well as AJAX-based services or animations with HTML5 and CSS3.

Managed Hosting

Design, maintenance and development of Managed Hosting solutions, which are perfectly tailored to customers. Cloud-based online services with CDN on Private Cloud Network or Amazon AWS.

Custom Development

Development according to the customer requirements, whether online based platform, an intranet application or adaptation of existing developments. We help to structure the project successfully and take on further care expenses.

Adoption of existing Online-Services

Adoption, expansion, maintenance and servicing of existing applications and online services. We support and help in the development of the existing platform in the client's interest. Pro-active action by our project managers and use of the latest developments.
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